Velopro Strava 101 Club

Join our Velopro Strava Club and get yourself a 10% discount off anything* in our shop or online store when you ride a regular amount of miles.

We like to support local riders and encourage them to keep their saddle time up. But with the internet, everyone is a local rider. So we created a club on Strava. Anyone can join it, and we give discounts to our club riders.

The terms are simple, you just need to ride over a certain distance in a calendar month to qualify for a discount of 10%. Keep the miles up, keep your discount. Let the miles slip, lose your discount. Easy.

The qualifying miles are:

Road riding and mixed road/off-road = 101 miles a month (160 kilometers).

Off road riding only (excludes MTB's ridden on roads) = 62 miles a month (101 kilomemeters).

See why it's called the 101 club :)

You must be a member of the Velopro Strava Club. We check on Strava and apply the discount if you've completed the right mileage in the last calendar month. We stick to the Strava calendar months to keep the maths simple for us. So if you rode 126 miles in April 2013, your discount is available for all of May 2013. Keep the miles over 101 in May 2013 to keep the discount for June. You can call us (01284 703999) to get the discount or you can enter the 'Strava101' discount code in the shopping basket. We do check your Strava account before completing orders though...

Any questions email us:

*You can't use this discount in conjunction with any other discount. Velopro reserves the right to change or remove the discount at it's discretion.